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Meriem BenMansour

Meriem BenMansour epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction. Born in Tunisia and raised in Stamford, she has been a Connecticut resident for over two decades. Her excellent bi-lingual communication skills and a caring personality help to ease the process of selling/buying a property which can be intimidating at times. Meriem is very goal oriented and extremely dedicated to her profession which results in highly satisfied clients.

After graduating with an International Business Degree from Mercy College, her love for sales and business manifested in to selling real estate with Sunbelt Realty and now becoming the team leader of the prestigious Sunbelt Winning Team, a powerhouse brokerage firm in Fairfield County.

Becoming a landlord at such a young age, her investment mindset is dedicated to helping those looking to find the money making transaction, while her nesting mentality believes a family should find a home to dig their roots in. She believes the house needs to choose you. She knows what it means to communicate and will walk her clients through the transactions every step of the way.

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Saúl Mueses García

Giving a personalized assistance to every client Saul Mueses will always put his 100% in every transaction helping buyer to find their dream house, and helping home owner to sell at the best price.
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Buying A Luxury Home: Amenities That Are Right For You

Cicero‘s early Roman proverb, “A man’s home is his castle” is still applicable today. Why not make your home the castle you have always dreamed of? When you are looking for that perfect castle, remember this will be your home. Choose what is perfect for you.

More is less. You should feel breathless upon entering your home. Search out those unique details and hidden touches. Those are what will make you stand apart from others. Plan for family and friends enjoying your home. Guest rooms and outdoor spaces will make your look glorious. As the kitchen and living areas are at the center of your world, make sure they are perfect for you and your family.

Consider the property. You want to feel the privacy and security of your own space. Make sure there is ample space to live your dreams. Walk around in the space to smell, breathe, envision the energy you will expend there. Look at the views you will enjoy. Check out the neighborhood.

Take into account your lifestyle. You want to live close enough to what you love, yet far enough to have your own haven. Consider all who will be living in your home. Acknowledge the needs of each one to have harmony and beauty within your luxury.

Think about how the technology will meet your needs. Do you desire entertainment, communication, and high security? Or would you be more content with a rustic, unplugged lifestyle? Have space to work hard and be able to unwind and play just as hard.

Contact Sunbelt Realty to help you find that perfect castle to make your home.