Advice for Selling Your Deceased Loved One’s Home

Advice for Selling Your Deceased Loved One’s Home
The time following a loved one’s death can be difficult, and trying to sell a house during this emotional turmoil can be especially challenging. Nonetheless, families often have to do just that.

Shortly after getting through funeral arrangements, one of the next things to figure out after someone passes away is what to do with his or her property. That includes real estate if your family member owned a house.

One way to make the process easier is by following a checklist of tasks. By doing this, you can approach each step in a straightforward manner without having to wonder what to expect. While Sunbelt Real Estate understands that every situation is different, we want to share six general steps to follow when selling the home of a deceased loved one.

1. Make Sure Everything Is Secure
Before you can even begin trying to sell the place, Safewise points out that you have to make sure the property is secure if no one is currently living there. Who knows how many people have keys to the home? For this reason, it is a good idea to make changing the locks one of the first tasks on your list. Next, take care of the mail. You do not want an overflowing mailbox that no one can check. Contact the post office and cancel any subscriptions.

2. Consider Staying Close By
If you’re managing this process from far away with no relatives or friends in close proximity to your loved one’s home, it may make the most sense to relocate to an apartment or rental close by for a few months. Especially if you can’t stay in the home. This solution allows you to more easily work your way through preparing the home without the burden of trying to do it as quickly as possible. When looking in the Stamford area, beyond proximity and cost, focus on short-term lease options when narrowing your choices.

3. Look For Documents
According to the National Institute on Aging, looking for legal documents should be a top priority of survivors after a person’s death, regardless of real estate. When you also have to put a home up for sale, legal paperwork is even more important. In addition to the typical paperwork needed for selling a home such as mortgage documents, service receipts, and the deed and title report, you may also need your family members will or any other form of recorded wishes.

4. Remember the Bills
Another reason legal documentation is so important is because it can identify who is legally
responsible for making mortgage payments on your loved one’s home. This person may be a
spouse or co-borrower, a co-signer or some other designated party. Also remember property

5. Sort Personal Belongings
Going through the belongings of the deceased can be one of the most emotionally difficult parts
of the aftermath. Look after yourself and grieve however you need to. Locating a will or other
form of documented wishes can be helpful because it can provide guidance on what your family
member wanted done with his or her belongings. If you can, try to find ways to carefully
disperse items. Psychology Today suggests that doing so can aid in the grieving process.

6. Prepare the Home for Sale
After sorting belongings, you are almost ready to sell the house. Before you can put a For Sale sign in the yard, however, there are still some things to do. First, it is time to clean. Take a look around and get rid of anything that does not add value to the home. In addition, make any necessary repairs. Light bulbs and faucets are good places to check for issues.

7. Put the Home on the Market
Once you have completed the first five steps, you are finally ready to put the home on the
market. By working with an experienced agent from Sunbelt Real Estate, you can list the
property in adherence with any laws that may apply. In some situations, family members must
disclose certain information to potential buyers. For example, if your loved one passed away in the home, this is usually something sellers must share. Figuring out what to do with a person’s home after he or she is gone can be a stressful task on top of a situation that is already painful. One way to make things easier on yourself is by following this simple checklist.

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